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Pelle & Grino is an indie pop and alternative R&B artist residing in Sheffield, UK. For the release of their self-titled debut LP, the studio produced standard and deluxe designs of their work. The deluxe edition uses a gold foil typographic treatment.

Art Direction
Pelle & Grino


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Pelle & Grino

Saul studio is a graphic design practice founded by Dan Saul Pilgrim in 2014 and based in Leeds, UK.

Specialising in typographic, print-based design, the studio’s services include art direction, identity, book and other design ephemera for a variety of clients. From time to time, the studio also works on film projects.

The studio embraces a minimalist, pared-back aesthetic that is led by expert and expressive choices in colour, typeface and material. Our aim is to find a balance between the commercial and the contemporary through our practice.

Providing a personable yet professional service, our previous clients and collaborators include artists, designers, musicians, institutions, photographers and restaurant and shop owners.

In May 2016, the studio published their first book, COFFEE SHOP: NORTH, the first visually-led book to document, explore and showcase the independent coffee scene in North England, which was ‘Highly Commended’ by the British Book Awards 2016 in the Photo Books, Art / Architecture Monographs category.

Dan is also available on a freelance basis, in addition to providing talks and lectures at educational institutions.

Please get in touch with any enquiries you may have.

Studio 1, Flat D
11 North Hill Road
Leeds LS6 2EN

07896 095 263


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